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The Sky Angels participated in the 2019 Amazons Raid Vietnam

The Amazons Raid is a 100% feminine race, based on simple yet essential values: the sharing and the association of cultures, the sporting practice without being excessive, and last but not least, solidarity. for the benefit of the populations of the countries hosting the Raids each year. Since 2018, the Raid is projected in 2 different countries, which allows to carry even more actions in the field focused on solidarity, conviviality and support between women.

This year, Stéphanie D, who took part in the Amazone Raid 2018 in Cambodia, joins our representative Breton, and emblematic face of our association, Arzelle S-C, to reiterate the adventure this autumn in Vietnam from October 11 to 20, 2019.

Followed by Sandrine F, in reporter mode and moral support, even logistics, on the race, they begin their physical preparation now, and seek at the same time sponsors to finance their participation in this race.

Here is their presentation:

"We are all 3 flight attendants within Air France and yet we did not know each other before mister K, this devastating disease, brings us together, it is what has naturally woven our link within of the association Hôtesses de l’air Contre le Cancer.”
Sandrine was one of the first ambassadors to pose on the 2016 HCC schedule following breast cancer.
Arzelle, in turn touched, made the cover of the calendar 2017.
Stéphanie, spared but sensitized to the cause, invested every day a little more in the association by wearing our colors at sporting events, always showing a fighting spirit.
When Stéphanie was training for her first raid, Arzelle was in the middle of a battle against the disease. Each lived the hardships of others, we were the Force and the Courage, it is by drawing on the values, and the benefits, of the sport, conveyed by Stéphanie, that Arzelle found the motivation to associate sport with her treatment. , in order to re-appropriate his body.

Thanks to their obstinacy, and as a kind of continuity, the association has transcended their struggle and associated messages, intended to show that, collectively, the fight can allow everyone to win against this disease. Stephanie, boosted by the positive attitude of the girls affected, including the contagious Arzelle, did nothing. 

Today our Amazons, Arzelle and Stéphanie, accompanied by Sandrine, are happy to present their team registered for the Raid Amazones Vietnam 2019, the SKY ANGELS, that the association will support naturally.

"In order to motivate potential sponsors, we need to count on a maximum number of subscribers to our page,, but not only ...... We wish to make you vibrate throughout this adventure, by sharing with you the extraordinary moments that we will live ....

So join us, subscribe, share, like, comment, be actors and actresses of this great human adventure. "

*updated 07/22/2019, registered under the number of team 56 (symbolic and emblem of our Breton Arzelle), thanks to all the people who made donations, to the companies that offered themselves as Sponsors and who bought locations advertising on their equipment.

*updated 10/17/2019, the raid to begin, they perforate and make us proud of them, they are fighting and motivated, we leave to get them this Saturday 10/19 and we will return on 10/23.

*updated 10/21/2019, the raid ended two days ago and our two champions finished 31st out of 94 !!! A very good performance on their surpassing themselves, a raid that has also tired but they have the smile and the desire to reiterate next year! A big thank you to all their French and local support who helped them to continue this adventure. A big thank you to their reporter Sandrine who allowed us to follow this adventure like no other team with photos and a daily report. To follow the event evening of 10/22/2019 for more surprises.

Daily evolution and their journeys here on Facebook.

They organize an event evening on the 10/22/2019 to thank the country and the support of the association and help to a local association "Breast Cancer Network Vietnam". We will be there to support them and welcome them with the pink crew who will bring them back to France.

A special thank you to all the donors of the leetchi kitty who helped them to make ends meet. Total amount: 3950 €

*updated on 10/23/2019, thanks to the tenacity and the courage of the Sky Angels team, they offered the association more than 15 000 € of donations, it was thus decided in common agreement to make several future actions:

  • to offer 4000 € from equipment to Pediatric Cancers Hospital in Saigon (10/21/2019 was organized a snack for the children with an official discount in the hospital equipment: fans, television, machine to purify the water and hot water).
  • to offer 1000 € donations to the local counterpart association BCNV pour soutenir leur développement comme le nôtre.
  • to offer 1000 € donations to Cami Sport et Cancer in France for the support of sports activity during cancer.
  • sponsor a sports project in Lorient Charity up to 4000 € to finance the purchase of sports equipment for the next opening of two sports classes for cancer patients treated at the Lorient Morbihan hospital. The classes will be taught by trained and sensitized teachers.

*updated on 11/01/2019, the evening event of October 22 was the opportunity to meet with all the local partners who helped with this project. A beautiful evening organized by LYSEVENTS  in partnership with Gameloft Asia who lent us these splendid premises in rooftop on Saigon. (their Facebook link: Lysevents and Gameloft). All these actions were supported by the French Consul in Saigon, Monsieur Vincent Floreani.

The course of the evening was very pleasant and several animations were shared thanks to the following partners:

A huge thank you to all those French and Vietnamese companies in Saigon who supported the whole project organized by Sandrine F. and her friends Mr Henri R. and Ms Maile V. and Sky Angels for flight attendants against cancer and the First Pink October in Vietnam.


(Publication Director: Jean-Claude CHAU)

nouveaux comptes 2020 : SKY ANGELS

The official sponsors of the adventure: SKY ANGELS


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